Lose Weight Without Eating Less

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One of the main reasons that people struggle with diets is that it's hard to keep eating smaller than normal portions. If you love food but need to manage your weight, here are some ways to lose weight without eating less. 

Eat a bigger breakfast 

Recent studies have shown that eating a bigger breakfast may help you lose weight. A study that compared two groups of overweight women who ate the same calories but with one group eating more calories during breakfast and the rest eating more calories throughout the day lead to nearly twice the weight loss for the group that ate the larger breakfast. Eating a bigger breakfast can help you to feel fuller and more energetic in the morning, which can help you to  burn more calories through the day.

Eat more protein and fibre

The paleo diet has some detractors, but the principle of eating more protein and fibre can be a great way to improve satiety and keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied. This can make you more able to resist the temptation to eat unhealthy treats or overeat at meal times. It can often be useful to carry high protein and/or fibre snacks such as yoghurt, nuts or roasted chickpeas. 

Drink more water

Low-level dehydration can often make people feel hungry rather than thirsty. It can also make you feel more tired than usual which can make you tempted to indulged in some sweet treats to boost your energy. It can be useful to keep sipping on water throughout the day to prevent you from getting thirsty and eating unhealthy treats. 

Move more

Another easy way to lose weight is to naturally inject more exercise into your day. Downloading PokemonGo and getting up each hour to hunt so Pokemon, walking across the floor to the far printer or getting off the bus one stop early can be a good way to find some extra opportunities for exercise in your day. By weaving these small amounts of exercise into your day can make it easier to burn more calories without needing to find the time for exercise. 

If you are looking to use a natural approach to managing your weight it can often help to make small changes to your day, such as eating a bigger breakfast and moving more. If need some more support on your weight loss journey why not contact a weight loss consultant for more advice?